Personal Payment Terminal
The Web UI on the left side simulates the primary steps using an "App" based Personal Payment Terminal having the following core characteristics:
  • Eliminates the traditional payment terminal and associated PCI compliance
  • Holds virtual cards and offers a consistent user experience
  • Supports most merchant initiated payment scenarios including:
    • Local payments in a shop using NFC/BLE or QR-code *
    • Payments using the mobile Web
    • Usage as a "payment companion" to a PC/Mac on the Web using NFC/BLE or QR-code *
  • Maintains a security-level comparable to EMV-cards without centralized tokenization services
Demo PIN: 1234. Note that you can switch to fingerprint mode.
Operation: Web shop   Gas station   Phone Subscription
Note: The Personal Payment Terminal is NOT A PRODUCT; it is rather a technology demonstrator and verifier.

The Personal Payment Terminal is the client facing part of the Saturn payment authorization system.

* The use of QR-code represents a "workaround".